Reverend Nigel Doc Johnson has truly lived two lives. The life before his near life experience, and the life after his near life experience. The Reverend's mother and father raised him in Northern California and as a child Reverend Nigel was truly different. He had a gift of intelligence that was both his helper and his enemy. He quickly learned that his gift would isolate him from the "cool" kids, and it would also get him in trouble with his teachers and his parents. He would get excellent grades but he oftentimes found himself getting bored in class and not paying attention to the teacher or being distracting in class. As Nigel approached his teen years he learned to adapt to his gift of his intelligence. He was able to multitask and get many things done while still being able to handle and fulfill all of his priorities.

Nigel grew up and his lifestyle personified exactly what he wanted to be. He used his gifts to get want he wanted from anybody and at anytime. He worked in the corporate world during the day, and he would turn to the streets at night, living two lives. He valued material things and bought nice cars and homes for himself. His lifestyle attracted the attention of women, and Nigel integrated the many women into his lifestyle even as a married man.

The day that changed the Reverend's life began like any other day. Reverend Nigel got up and got dressed and ready to start his day. He had no idea that his mother had been praying for him, because she noticed that his lifestyle was changing for the worse. The Reverend got into the car with his son and another friend and was struck in an instance by another car at a high rate of speed. The paramedic that pulled Nigel out of the car has said that Reverend Nigel was killed on the initial collision and was gone for about 18 minutes. After the initial CPR and the first shock to get his heart beating again failed, CPR was started again. While the paramedics were prepairing to attemp another "jump start" on the Reverends' heart. CPR was stopped to apply a second charge when all of a suden the Reverend took a breath! After he was life flighted to a trauma center, all he knew was that one day he woke up in a home that he did not know. He pretended to know and love his wife, but since the accident he could not remember who he was or who they were for that matter. He lived a life isolated from who he was before, not knowing that this was all part of God's eternal plan.

Time passed, and as it passed the relationship that Reverend Nigel had with his wife eventually fell apart. It was then that Reverend Nigel received his calling to become a beacon of light in a dark world for people that were living misguided lives like he was living. Reverend Nigel doesn't refer to the accident as a near death experience however he actually referes to it as a near life experience. The reason why is because he knows that God took a drastic measure to bring him back to him, back to life.